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Welcome to the Milky Johnson Club! 
Milky News

MILK moving to Desolation server!

Yog Sothothe, Jan 25, 13 11:08 AM.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The whole guild is moving to Desolation server!
Go transfer yourself now before it’s too late!

We are moving to Desolation before the big patch that's comming January 28th. From that day the transfer won't be free any more (you'll have to pay in gems to change server) and we have to face the truth that Blacktide is slowly getting desolated (oh, irony).
So, to improve the gaming experience on much more active server and also develop our WvW approach every single Milky is asked to transfer as soon as it's possible before January 28th!

The Milk Master Kaoss and his assistants already transferred and we are waiting for you to join!

See you on the other side! :)

With love,


Kaossilator, Dec 3, 12 3:48 PM.
Dear Milkies,

MILKy co-leader Carl Winter (Cauluintur) officially made it public today his focus will be more on Path Of Exile instead of Guild Wars 2, and  he has resigned as a co-leader of MILK. As one of the founding MILK fathers Caul will stay as a MILKie Councilmember, but with a more passive role than active. 

We want to thank Caul for his great input, and the many members he recruited, and wish him good luck with Path of Exile.

That brings me to the following, MILK is looking for a new CO-LEADER!

Required is:

*To log on every day for at least an hour, to moderate and keep the guild "alive" :)
*A headset
*Minimum age 18+
*Good knowledge of the English language, speaking and writing
*Leadership must be in your blood

There will be a 1 month trial, the Council, Priest, Mother Milks and me will decide if you get the job for steady after that month.

Allthough it may look to be really cool to run the number 2 biggest guild on the busiest server of the game, the job allso comes with the not so pretty side of it.

Examples: an ACTIVE recruiting role, solving guildiefights, kick people/friends who you think are funny but who are bad for the guild, moderate the chat even when you dont want to, and answer the many questions people have. These are just a couple of examples. 


If you after reading all this still think you are MILK's next big thing, please post a comment below that you want to be a candidate for the job, and why you deserve a trial.

 Make it concrete, stuff like "I wanna be a guild leader because I'm cool" = FAIL.

The MILKy management will choose a new co-leader within one month.



MILKY WEDDING PARTY - November 30th <3

Yog Sothothe, Nov 19, 12 5:10 PM.

Dear Milkmen and Milky Cheeks!


So, we have some amazing news here! Grove and Eradin, our lovely Milkies, are getting married November 30th (IRL)! Awesome, huh? But that's not all - keep reading for the AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD! :3

I was informed that because they cannot afford a great wedding party and what not (stupid-yet-so-expensive celebrations) irl, they decided to celebrate the formalization of their eternal love by organizing the wedding party… ON-LINE! In Guild Wars 2! With us Milkies! Shweeeet! <3

That means we have a few things to do before the November 30th!

1.       Organizing the wedding party – we need to find a nice, romantic, quiet location where the whole guild could freely gather and have a party. Any suggestions about the locations are very welcome! Also any suggestions and ideas about the event organization will be appreciated!

2.       Collecting the GW2 currency for the wedding gifts – any coin is the most welcome! I personally am going to donate a few gold and I know there will be much more needed but you can donate as high/small amount as you want. To donate the money send me (Yog Sothothe) a PM entitled „Wedding gift” or something like that. I will write down every person and the amount of money he/she donated to keep everything well-organized, honest and fair. The donations deadline is November 29th before midnight.

3.       Buying the wedding gifts – those should be awesome! I was thinking about getting Abyss Dyes, some cool Exotic Weapons or Armor parts etc. I also know that Groove has Mini Pets on her wishlist (we're not gonna be able to get the Legendary Pony Short Bow for her so I skip this idea xD) so I thought we could buy an awesome Mini Pet for her Ranger. As for Eradin I know he badly wants the Norn Cultural Tier 3 Armor Set for his Guardian so maybe we could gather enough money to get at least one piece of it for him. Those are just some of my ideas but it's still to be decided (everyone decides!) what we will get for them. And it highly depends on the amount of money we're gonna collect from the donations.


Hope you like the idea and we will be able to make an awesome Milky Wedding Party for them!


P.S.: Do not talk about this on the guild chat if Eradin or Groove are online because I'd like to keep it in secret as long as it's possible! (Hope they're not gonna read this News xD)


With love,


Lost Shores Event - [MILK] Dancing Party

Yog Sothothe, Nov 16, 12 8:08 PM.
Make sure to check this out and find yourself in the dancing crowd! (Made by Snegorex)

Lost Shores kickoff this friday

Kaossilator, Nov 12, 12 1:47 PM.

This friday the Lost Shores events will start at 21.00 CET.

Join is in the milkyness, there will be a special, one-time only event in Lions Arch. 

Add yourself to the event if you are gonna be there :)
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